Welcome to Chuck's Reloading Supplies, your source for brass, bullets, primers and firearms accessories in Western New York.


We have been in the business of supplying a wide variety of reloading components in the Western New York area since 1977.

Although we have supplied some dealers with components, the major thrust of our business is geared towards supplying the average handloader who does not require large amounts of brass or bullets to meet his or her shooting needs.


  • Apologies to my customers regarding the heavy increases in product prices. Wholesale costs, particularly for brass and bullets, jumped sharply (in some cases, doubling) in the past two years. Product availability is also becoming a serious problem.

  • The volatility of the component market makes it almost impossible to maintain current pricing so please understand that my retail prices are occasionally subject to change without notice. When I re-order, I have to pay a higher cost for the materials (if I can get them) and therefore have to pass this along to you folks. Until I run out, my older stock will remain at original prices.

NEW BRASS INVENTORY: 100% unfired brass. Popular headstamps include Remington, Starline, and Winchester. Please refer to our inventory list for the respective calibers and manufacturers.

ONCE-FIRED (1/F) BRASS INVENTORY: Contains both commercial and military brass. All of this brass is cleaned and polished and then separated by headstamps. You make the choice as to what you want (e.g. commercial or military; R-P, W-W, LC, FED, etc.). If we have it in stock - that's what we'll ship. If we're out of stock in what you wanted, we will not ship you a substitute unless you specify it.

JACKETED BULLET INVENTORY: Is made up, for the most part of Rainier, Remington, and Winchester products. We also stock a limited quantity of Hornaday bullets in selected calibers as well.

Since we buy in bulk and do our own packaging, we are able to pass along a considerable savings to you - our valued customer.

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